As a Dutch art photographer Emilie Houben aims to capture the beauty of life through perfection in details, putting a spotlight on the ordinary. Almost anything can be the subject for an inspiring picture.

Emilie lived and worked in Asia for almost a decade, which brought her a wealth of experience and impressions.

With her reputation for unique perspectives, creativity, passion, and purpose, her artwork appeals to many. Emilie has been commissioned by corporates, organizations, interior design, and private clients across Asia and Europe. In addition to commissioned art photography, Emilie exhibits and sells her Emilie art collection.

If you are interested in her collection or would like to commission Emilie Art, please contact her at info@emilieart.com or call +31 6 82667457.

Each piece is finished to perfection, limited editions only.

When people look at my artwork, I hope that they can see and feel the joy in the ordinary. A reminder to take time to see beauty that never extends too far from ourselves